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First.  Are you in active addiction and considering rehab as an option? If so, I understand how overwhelming it can be to find the right rehabilitation center.


In 2020, when I was given an ultimatum by my partner, I had no idea where to start. I googled and

called a rehab referral agency, and within two days, I was assessed, detoxed, and integrated into 

the supportive group at Delamere Health, the rehab I personally recommend, which is based on 20 minutes away from Manchester Airport, UK.



Based on my own experience, I can provide firsthand insight into why Delamere Health worked for me and whether their program | therapists | facilities | employees | accommodation | nursing staff | methodologies may give you the best chance of recovery. Feel free to reach out to me via WhatsApp at 0034620757254 or 00447966169530. I'm here to share my story and help you make an informed decision.

The document below and the link to rehabs include the 34 private rehabs that have been reviewed by the Quality Care Commission.

Now for those already in recovery, I invite you to embark on an in-person journey of recovery, resilience, and inspiration with me.

After 26 years of battling addiction, I finally admitted my alcoholism in June 2020. Choosing the rehab above over the prospect of imminent death was a pivotal moment.

So, I completed a four-week live-in program, where I fully embraced therapy, connection, and community.

Having achieved five months of sobriety, I discovered the power of being in a supportive environment during a sober retreat in North West Tenerife, a safe space for individuals like us, I found the inspiration to continue my journey.  I decided to chart my own path, stepping away from the traditional AA route and embracing what resonated with me.

Now, I reside at Casa Salvia Guesthouse in Tenerife, where I live, host guests, and continue my recovery while developing this website. Through insightful blogs, engaging forums, and sharing my personal experiences, I offer practical strategies and inspiration for those seeking their own path to sobriety.


Join me as I share my story, find resources, and empower your recovery journey.

Connect with me on LinkedIn for professional updates, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to gain a glimpse into my personal experiences. I am @sobergaygolfer on all 3. 

Casa Salvia BNB Icod, Tenerife, is my sanctuary.  I believe this entire area, with its naturalness, has the potential to become a renowned holiday destination in Europe for in-person recovery and sober | dry holidays.

Join me on this transformative journey, where you'll discover your inner strength and inspire others to

find their own path to sobriety.

@sobergaygolfer @dryholidays @casasalviaicod

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James Roberts

Complimentary Directory of UK Rehabilitation Facilities

  Any suggestions?  Please email them to 

Volunteers are needed to help create directories in other countries around the globe

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