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Could you run a BNB?

Updated: Mar 4

Could you run a BNB? Here's an insight in to my guests

Recent guests that shared breakfasts at my BNB in Tenerife, included a father + daughter in recovery, together. A male transitioning to a female with lifelong partner and most recently, 2 Jevohah Witnesses. Both hilarious, and a bit risque.

I thoroughly hosting interesting people, and, in turn learning to listen [👂] by hearing their stories, whether I want to, or not.

I am also grateful to have the opportunity to do what I enjoy, develop skills I thought I had in addiction; but clearly didn't. I did judge others, and I still do, but by being exposed to all kinds of humans I am making improvements.

So, if you are looking for a complete change and want to run an Airbnb as part of your recovery from addiction [or those simply looking for change] come and stay. See for yourself the amount of time involved infront + behind the scenes. Such as cash flows, supplier agreements, guest interaction from A-Z, how I maintain excellent ratings & of course, my free time.

I started operating Casa Salvia (see videos below) in December 2021 (18 months sobriety)

I am at very high occupancy rates, Casa Salvia Icod scores 8.9 out of 10 on our main partner site.

Neither were easy to achieve, and maintain. It's constant. Enjoyable and perfect for my new way of life.

To experience what it is like in person, book a stay, contact me through WA messenger is always best 🤠 - 0034620757254 - James

Cover photo credit. Süße guest (December 2022). All photos + videos taken within 45 minutes car drive from Casa Salvia Guesthouse in Icod

Videos. Dutch guest. ADHD talent.

I write these blogs to help with SEO. But also for anyone that might benefit.

It is also a chance to record my recovery as i still recover + benefit from no longer drinking alcohol (currently 32 months).

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