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Breaking Free: Unveiling Sober Vacation Destinations for Those in Denial

Updated: Jul 11

Denial can be a stubborn companion, convincing us that we need alcohol to enjoy life's pleasures. But what if we challenged that belief? What if we opened our eyes to the incredible world of sober vacation destinations, where we can experience the wonders of travel without relying on alcohol? At dryholidays, we are thrilled to share our exclusive list of suggested destinations, proving that you don't have to sacrifice your sobriety for an unforgettable travel experience. So, let's embark on a journey of discovery together.

1. The Maldives: Paradise Without the Bottle

Picture yourself lounging on pristine white sand beaches, dipping your toes into crystal-clear turquoise waters, and swimming alongside colorful fish in stunning coral reefs. Ah, the Maldives, a tropical paradise where sobriety and bliss go hand in hand. Leave your alcohol cravings behind and dive into wellness activities that'll make you feel so good, you'll wonder if you've accidentally consumed a magical potion. And don't worry about sneaking in a bottle of your favorite drink—customs here are strict, and alcohol is forbidden as it is an Islamic country. They'll scan your bags as you leave the airport, including golf bags (no idea why I had golf clubs) and diving equipment, with precision.

2. Indonesia: A Tapestry of Culture and Adventure (Minus the Hangovers)

Indonesia is a land of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant traditions. Get ready for a journey filled with laughter, exploration, and zero regrettable drinking stories. Bali, the crown jewel of Indonesia, offers an array of wellness retreats that'll make you feel so zen, you'll start floating like a yoga guru. And if you're into adventure, leave the drinking games behind and conquer the lush jungles of Sumatra or ride the waves in Lombok. Trust us, the real adventure begins when you're fully present and alcohol-free.

3. Saudi Arabia: A Spiritual Oasis (No Booze, Just Burqas Everywhere)

For those seeking a profound spiritual experience, Saudi Arabia beckons with its sacred sites and rich history. Mecca, a pilgrimage open only to those of Islamic faith. Medina, a tranquil oasis, offers a sanctuary for reflection and inner peace.

During my 26 years of daily drinking around 2010, I managed 5 days of sobriety while visiting clients around the Kingdom. I had no choice unless I wanted to pay a taxi to take me from the Eastern Province city of Al Khobar to the bridge to Bahrain, where you could buy alcohol and a whole load of other naughty things. While alcohol is strictly illegal in Saudi, you can still have fun. The Kingdom is investing billions to attract tourists, similar to what Dubai did, but without any booze.

4. Mauritius: A Tropical Haven of Tranquility (No Hangovers, Just Happiness)

Mauritius, with its lush landscapes, turquoise waters, and warm hospitality, is the perfect destination for a serene and alcohol-free vacation. Plus, think of all the money you'll save by not buying overpriced alcohol! So, sip on some fresh coconut water, dance to the rhythm of Sega music, and let Mauritius remind you that happiness can be found without the need for a boozy buzz. I have only visited once, in my drinking days, and I, once again and embarrassingly for my partner, was the only drunk person at the hotel.

5. The North West of Tenerife: Discover the Serenity (Without the Wine)

Nestled in the enchanting Northwest of Tenerife, this region offers a peaceful haven for your sober vacation. Explore the charming towns, indulge in delicious local cuisine, and let the stunning volcanic landscapes ignite your sense of wonder. Having lived here for the majority of my recovery

So to summarise, for addicts, there is hope and community support when you admit to the obvious and start your recovery journey.

For the rest of us in recovery, and our loved 1's, I will be posting live links to a handful of properties in each location listed above. Please

Written by James, May 23. Nearly 3 years sober

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