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Countries that ban or restrict alcohol are all majority Muslim populations. Here's a few to consider

Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) is the strictest of all the emirates that make up the UAE. The good thing with Sharjah is that it isn't far from lots of man made attractions in neighbouring Dubai. There is also an airport and plenty of hotels at a fraction of the price. You can have your fun during the day in Dubai (drinking alcohol is only allowed in hotels/restaurants) and return by car or cab after the end of an exhausting day.

When I last went to the Maldives, the island Male is completely dry and it is virtually impossible to sneak in any duty free. The atolls, where you will find the hotels however permit the sale at extortionate prices. Having visiting several I would have no hesitation in recommending a number of healthy resorts in the Maldives where alcohol isn't heavily promoted and you won't end up with pissed idiots (like me in the past) wanting to party.

The remainder of the UAE tolerates alcohol and expats are permitted to spend a set % of their monthly salary on alcohol purchased from dedicated shops. It is a major issue if you are caught or reported drunk so it again is unlikely you will experience raucous crowds at the end of the evening or throughout the day.

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