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Dry Holidays based in the land of the wines (Icod de Los Vinos), Tenerife

We decided to base our first bnb / vacation rental in rural Icod de los Vinos for its natural beauty, incredible views whilst providing guests the opportunity to really mix with locals. As always, we make sure we are in a safe area for any recovering alcoholic to be comfortable.

We also only select unique spaces, well located for local and island wide exploration.


Our goal is to make Icod de los Vinos an affordable, year round destination for recovering addicts & families affected by addiction to holiday without alcohol. Before we can do that, we need more properties, so if anyone in recovery fancies giving it a whirl then contact me or WhatsApp me on 0034620757254

It has kept me occupied, present, behaving professionally and really taking pride in our products. I am truly grateful for having dry Holidays being a major part of my recovery ride.

The government have no major travel brands with their HQ based on the island. Wouldn't it be great for those that have spent the time to learn tourism to truly flourish rather than be stuck in roles with very little chance of progression.

BTW, when I refer to our collection being located in safe locations. It means there won't be an Irish pub or menu's filled with photos.

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