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How To Handle Euthanasia & The Grief Of Losing A Pet During Your Recovery Journey.

For me, it was the recent loss of our beautiful dog, Angus. I was all okay until 2 days later.

When grief kicked in it really hit me hard. I felt weird. Later the next day of my grief (it lasted 48 hours) I considered whether alcohol would take that pain away. I normally have loads of diazepam available (that's another story about helping others detox & always having emergency stashes for events like this), couldn't stop thinking, irritational thoughts, laughing, crying, eyes baggy & bizarelly for the first time in my life I shouted with real meaning. And it felt AMAZING

Like many tips; they're obviously dependent on so many things so take whatever you like. I stayed off the booze and so can you. Here's a few my mates gave me when I plucked up the courage to call 3 & how we dealt with the process together-

  • Should have talked earlier

  • Keep to the parameters set with your partner.

  • I did no research about the cost, where to go and definitely should have but got lucky with a lovely vet.

  • We didn't post anything on social media for 10 days as the comments would be catastrophising (would anyone be interested in writing a blog about this????) the situation

  • I had a feeling the day was getting closer. So I carried on my meds but purposely stopped smoking weed; for around 2 weeks (I use Marijuana as part of my recovery - it's legal here)

  • Other dog owners will probably relate to how close you can get to animals. When you know you know.

  • We're told to be better versions of ourselves. Same for pets. They're better off up there

  • In North Tenerife (where I live it's 250-300 Euros). Angus' ashes will be scattered with his brothers (and probably lots of other dogs) at their favourite spot in Scotland

  • Euthanasia is a peaceful process. I think Angus was asleep before he got his anaesthetic. I stayed with him but you should feel no shame not being there.

  • Be grateful we have this option

  • Do not feel guilty for feeling relief. It is exhausting nursing a dog to death (having said that he could still climb 14 steps to the terrace & jump on his part of the sofa - all day, every day til the parameter had been met. Again, basically the moment he peed inside and without knowing it was time.

  • Laughing out loud. Remembering the fun times & embarrassing

  • In my case; I already had my replacement. Such the wrong word but he was a rescue/ stray I scooped on the return from playing golf in the South. NICO / NICK definitively helps me feel present but is another dog that follows me everywhere

And here is Angus arriving at Tenerife in August 2021

Finally, remember that Christmas saying.

AND it's true; it is a life long commitment. The full MONTE #think

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