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Intern to CEO. A real possibility for Ivan @

Updated: May 31, 2023

I am thrilled to announce that I am currently mentoring an incredible individual named Ivan! Together, we have embarked on an ambitious project to relaunch this website and achieve realistic and measurable targets on a weekly, monthly, and overall 3-month basis.

A man working at a kitchen table writing content for dryholidays
Exploring Addiction Online

🎯 Our goal at is to establish a thriving online travel business right here in Icod, Tenerife.

With my extensive experience in people management, travel industry contacts, running businesses, and a strong sales background, I am confident in our ability to succeed. Additionally, I bring valuable expertise in overseeing copywriting, content creation, SEO, and localization; where Ivan has the qualifications.

What makes this opportunity even more special is that we aim to demonstrate the power of internships. By working closely with Ivan, I hope to showcase how dedication and mentorship can transform an intern into a CEO.

To maximize our time and progress, I will be sharing a significant amount of original content that I prepared for Ivan just before the start of his internship two weeks ago. These resources will provide invaluable insights and strategies to support our journey towards achieving our targets.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress and exciting developments along the way. Together, we can turn dreams into reality! 🌍✈️

We understand that much of our content requires discretion, also when you engage with us, which is why you we have enabled comment as guest on the website. Click comment, then select 'as guest'

You can also become an open or private member on the dryholidays website.

A man obsessed with golf as part of his recovery journey from alcohol addiction
James will me mentor to Ivan for 3 months

This post was written in May 2023. At this point I am sober for 2 years 11 months.


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