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My procrastination has got worse during sobriety, but dry Holidays is now operational

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

I wish I could tell you differently but there is always something else that needs my attention. I feel naturally high when I achieve things so I need to do it more to release that satisfaction.

Anyway, I mention procrastination as I was supposed to launch yonks ago.

I guess that you should know about me. I celebrated 2 years of zero alcohol last week and can definitely recommend NH HOTELS in Madrid, a flying visit, my first solo holiday and it was incredibly enjoyable .

I agree with most of the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and I know many that use the meets to help with their ongoing recovery. But, I should point out I have my own recovery methods, which I am happy to share with anyone.

I decided as part of my recovery to change many things in my life. I believe I was a workaholic and an alcoholic, and I regret not addressing the former in rehabilitation.

Whilst working on other projects (trying to establish this area as a dry destination) I decided a one-stop shop for positive chat about holidays could be something I can manage in my spare time. Users will be able to make recommendations, offer tips to others in recovery; but the problem is the same as Tripadvisor. I might enjoy a restaurant but my friend may not.

It is therefore a suggestion that if this works then we give each other as much help as possible. Photos, best rentals, considerate hosts that maybe have experience with addiction.

In the meantime, we operate a dry BNB or a dry VACATION rental Tenerife we suggest you visit our our partners at or


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