• James Roberts

My minor symptom after going sober (I gave up in June 2020)

It's not cravings. It's knots of fat cells all over my back, shoulders & ribs.

I've always had knots, but these are getting worse. When I stretch friends can hear the crunching. They're even between my ribs and the 2 indents most people have, on your lower back, well, they're full of knots too.

The condition is called Madelung's disease - you can read more here https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/madelungs-disease/

Tip, don't do a Google image search for the condition. The disease isn't just from the overuse of alcohol. Mine are not large nor noticeable.

For me it's easily manageable. More of an annoyance as it can suddenly make my arms feel weak which isn't good for the golf. I stretch every morning, rotate my arms slowly forward then fast in reverse. I use the gardens at Casa Salvia Icod or Las Aguas as there is plenty of space to safely swing whilst listening to some great music. The noise is pretty shocking but it definitely chips away at the fatty lumps & the music helps. I guess any there are many sports that can keep yours at bay.

This is a minor side effect of excessive drinking alcohol for 26 years.

So unless you want these annoying fatbergs (and MUCH MUCH worse) try and keep your alcohol consumption to a safe amount.

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Thanks, James

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