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* SOLD OUT * 1st dry-escorted tours of Tenerife - dryGOLF tours - SOLD OUT. Next golf event MAY 2023

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Are you a keen golfer and in recovery or family affected by addiction? In order to make it a great experience for all we ask for handicaps of 18, or less. Or, you know you can regularly play to 18 or less in a stableford competition.

Duration - 9 nights/10 days (5 rounds of golf)

Location - Tenerife

When - Sunday, November 20th to Tuesday 29 November 2022, May 2023.

Accommodation - all inclusive (rated 9.3 on booking) - Casa Salvia, Icod de Los Vinos (4 en-suite doubles)

Type - double with own bathroom & shower - sleeps 2, ensuite doubles x 2 and the 4th bedroom can sleep up to 4.

I have chosen the months above as this is when it is coolest and some courses are in low season, so you will pay less as a guest. It still isn't a cheap sport/passion to follow, but by doing it in these dates we are are trying to make it is as accessible as we possibly can.

Prices start from €2450 for players.

Non-players €1950

Example itinerary for a 4 ball, sober golf holiday in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain:

Day1 - arrival & private transfers from Tenerife South or North airport. Meet other sober people over coffee, tea, juices and dinner in the afternoon/evening and share as much or as little about your story as you wish. Get to know the house and your space for the next 9 nights.

No golf

Day2 - GOLF at Buenavista GC. A coastal / links course designed by Seve. Excellent course but like them all, they have terrible catering facilities & unless you want branded golf balls etc we source from our parners at a better price (balls, gloves, tees etc). We provide the clubs & start you off with 2 dozen balls. Just pack your golf shoes.

Breakfast on the terrace - 25 minutes drive to Buenavista - 1 round of 18. Lunch/snacks. Buggy x 4. Dinner at the house or local restaurant


Day3 - Day of rest at Casa Salvia Icod with fully seated lunch then try a hand-gliding flight (with our friends) from a nearby take off point. Or explore Icod with a local guide. We can source from getyourguide or Viator and if required, a tailored experience that does not involve too much exposure to alcohol.

No golf

Breakfast - Lunch BBQ - Dinner (at the casa or local restaurants)

Day4 - GOLF at Adeje GC. Apparantly the wealthiest golf club in the world. Whatever that means. Pro shop is large but catering is poor. It is an excellent course & this is where tour events are held.

Breakfast - 40 minute drive to Adeje - 1 round of 18. Lunch. Buggy x 4. Dinner at the house or local restaurant. Driver.

Day5 - GOLF at Golf Las Americas.

Breakfast - 1 round of 18 - 50 minute drive to Las Americas. Lunch - Buggy x 4. Dinner in or around Las Americas.

Day6 - GOLF at GOLF DEL SUR near to Tenerife South airport. They are typical of an 80's/90's development. The course is amazing when they are in tip top condition.

Breakfast - 1 rounds of 18 - Lunch - Buggy x 4. Dinner at the Casa or local restaurant

Day7 - Day of rest at the Casa Salvia with fully seated lunch then try a hand-gliding flight (with our trusted friends) from a nearby take off point. Or, explore Icod with a local guide we can source from getyourguide or Viator.

No golf

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner (at the casa or local restaurants)

Day8 - Visit Mount Teide national park. A guide will collect you so you get to know the volcano like professionals.

No golf

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner (at the casa, up the mountain or a local restaurant)

Day9 - Final 1 round AM or PM at Abama, Ritz Carlton.

Breakfast at the Casa - Lunch at the club - 1 round of golf - BBQ dinner at the Casa

Daily award

Overall championship winner announced

Day10 - end of the tour for those leaving us at this point - private transfers to Tenerife Norte or Tenerife South Airport.

Breakfast and lunch at the Casa - private transfers - dinner (for those booked for longer)

Not included -

Flights (we recommend SkyScanner as a good place to start)

Any additional activities you or your guest may wish to book (Viator and Getyourguide) are our favourites.

Included -

An opportunity to meet like minded guests

2 dozen 24 pro V1's or similar

Golf club hire (as close to the 1's you use at home)

Double bedroom with bathroom

All toiletries (you pack less - we provide mouthwash, toothpaste, gels, feminine hygiene, suncreams, moisteurisers etc. and do your bit for the environment)

Bathing robe, flip flops and beach towels

Complimentary wifi

All water & soft drinks, tea and coffee

Private transfers (to/from) Tenerife Norte 40 minutes or Tenerife South 1 hour

Daily housekeeping

All laundry, or you can DIY with our powder & machine

All food (breakfast, lunch & dinner). Energy bars, sweets, fruits, packed lunches/hampers

Pets allowed, if well behaved

All tickets & guide for the Mount Teide experience & local guide in Icod or handgliging

Things you need to know -

No booze

Our driver is not in recovery, but he understands it. He is also a friend of mine & used to be a tour pro. He is particularily great at helping those with putting problems.

No cheating

Recovery always comes first. This is why we can only welcome guests that are at minimal chance of needing a drink. For example, I have been sober for over 2.5 years and have only once thought about alcohol as a solution when I had to put my dog to rest. The heartbreak was incredibly tough. But I didn't drink. So please, in respect to the group don't book if you are at risk of needing a drink or at a point in your life like the 1 I recently experienced above

Be respectful to each other throughout your stay. We are inclusive too all.

Be grateful we are in a position to travel, play golf and have an enjoyable, yet realsistic recovery ride. If you bring a guest that can drink like an adult that they also refrain from alcohol for the whole of the trip.

If you are interested in this sober golf holiday just comment below, email us, forward or tag someone who would benefit from this dry experience. Find me on Instagram or LinkedIn

I personally only felt safe enough to travel after 4 weeks live in rehabilitation in the UK plus 5 months hard graft; trying to find what would work for my recovery journey; as I accept I will probably never drink in my life again. I have no temptation to drink, but I do take meds & I accept I will probably need those for the rest of my life. I will now probably live a long & healthy life like the rest of my ancesstors. Although expensive, I can use golf as 1 of my recovery tools. Not just to focus on my sobriety but because I know that is where I enjoy & therefore need to be. I can therefore show you how to integrate a sport into your recovery ride.

*not all courses allow 4 buggies, some a max of 2 per four ball

**we will need to know in advance whether you require equipment rental (to be as close to your own clubs at home), golf balls (think they are probably cheaper here). The rental agreement will be between yourself and the supplier. Dry Holidays SL make payment.

*** our cook is incredible but is also on his own recovery journey. It might therefore be that we eat out at a restaurant every night.

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