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I have fun in sobriety. Here are a few tips.

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

I am naturally a very talkative person, but soon switch off when people bore me, or I them. So I recommend you stick with the interesting people that inspire you. Also, try and be around people with similar interests. For me, that's interior design, golf, restaurants, festivals, the environment & my cactus collection

This latest guest from Bari, Italy is so chilled. He's not an addict but chose to abstain from alcohol for his own reasons. I haven't had belly laughs for a while and it was brilliant. Booze free and a massive language barrier it was exactly what we both needed.

I'd also suggest you manage your expectations. It is hard at the beginning but with the correct tools you can do it. I was a heavy daily drinker from 18 - 44.

As always, I can only recommend where I attended detoxification and 4 week live-in rehab. Without Delamere Health near Manchester. UK. I would probably be dead.

They definitely provided the tools for me to handle big events.

In fact, apart from funerals, I enjoy them much more. I now feel present.

If you wish to talk about my experience at Delamere, how I remain sober or anything related to Dry Holidays then drop me a note or WhatsApp me on 00 34 620 75 72 54 or Instagram


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