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You might only get 8 years in a Slovenian prison; for murder.

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

This is why I find my recovery journey and job so interesting. S#it like this. It's great knowing the locals but it's even better when I connect with a guest. Not sexually, but we get onto really interesting conversations. So, even though I have visited half the globe I was only getting it from my perspective at that particular time in my life.

On a serious note, this guest, is also a person affected by addiction in the family. I never asked him why he chose us, but, I know he didn't choose here because we are dry bed & breakfast. In his own words - we had to leave the last hotel quickly as his GF can't stand cockroaches. Booking only had 3 options.

So, you might get only 8 years for murder, addiction is a major problem (mainly 40-55 year old men), domestic violence is very common and is often brushed under the carpet. Slovenia used to be part of Yugoslavia and they are a member of the European Union. Oh and he was a trained professional but chose a different career path as you can earn more in other industries than the EUR 1,600 / month you might be very lucky to earn as a operational vet.

It reminds me of the doctors driving taxis in Cuba.

So there you go. AND, don't forget to fill out the form to be in a chance to be included in our monthly draw - 3 nights dry bed & breakfast with THAT view @casasalviaicod

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