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 to create a supportive and inclusive community.

That simplifies the addiction experience and empowers us to live our best lives in recovery.


We aim to remove negative addiction-related labels and redefine the rules by being early adopters of innovative support methods.


Through our passion for travel, we aspire to inspire and connect addicts, recovering addicts, and their loved ones, both online and in person, fostering a positive approach to recovery.


to connect recovering addicts, and their loved ones through community, adventure and a passion for travel.


We provide an online platform for engagement and support, while also offering inspiring dry holiday homes in Europe hosted by individuals with personal experience of addiction and extensive travel backgrounds.


Our aim is to simplify the addiction experience and empower individuals to live their best lives in recovery, removing stigmas and becoming a motivation  for 

positive change.

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Dry Holidays GIF online community for recovering addicts
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