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Explore Trossachs Barn & Cabin, your perfect nature getaway in Scotland.

Our charming accommodation offers stunning views and cozy amenities. Follow Tony and find endless inspiration.

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Tony Macdonald, owner of TrossachsBarn&Cabin
Tony Macdonald Trossachs Barn & Cabin
The front of Trossachs Barn & Cabin.  Facade
Cabin Guestroom
Image of the barn room at Trossachs Barn & Cabin
The kitchen at Trossachs Barn and Cabin
Dining and breakfast experience at Trossachs Barn and Cabin
Trossachs barn and  cabin logo

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James Roberts, founder of Dry Holidays
General image representing the greener north west Tenerife
Friends celebrating 5 years sobriety.  Member of dry holidays Kelly Moore.  Tony Macdonald is the host at Trossachs Barn and Cabin
Digital-Award-Booking-Casa Salvia Icod
Friends of James and guests at Casa Salvia Icod
Casa Salvia logo
Kelly Moore - Celebrating 5 years Sobriety at Casa Salvia Icod
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