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An enriching experience: Travel, addiction and personal growth at Dry Holidays.

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

I am now going on my second month of internship at this amazing company and during my time here, not only have I had the opportunity to apply my extensive knowledge in E-commerce and digital marketing, but I have also had the opportunity to delve into the world of addiction rehab and bring my own perspective to our readers and members, being also passionate about travel like James, as we have both traveled to an incredible amount of countries throughout our lives.

Dry Holidays is a platform that aims to help people in addiction recovery by connecting addicts and their loved ones through community and a passion for travel. From the moment I joined Dry Holidays, I was impressed with its dedication to providing enriching and safe experiences for our people.

Founder James and Ivan
James and Intern +

My personal experience with addiction is very different from James'. I have never struggled with addiction nor, fortunately, have I ever had to experience it firsthand with a loved one. This has allowed me to empathize and understand, early on, the challenges that addicts face in their recovery process. It has been humbling and resilient to see how these addicts in recovery are rebuilding their lives and using the journeys and the enriching personal experiences you can take away from them as a tool for personal growth.

Having had the opportunity to bring my perspective as someone who has never been an addict, I can't fully understand the personal struggle our clients go through, but I have been able to offer a completely fresh and new view to the company by being able to contrast them with James' vision and also combine my background in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing with my passion for travel, strengthen our online presence and reach more people who could benefit from our services.

Working at Dry Holidays has taught me the importance of empathy and understanding and fighting addiction. As well as being able to offer our members access to wonderful places like the area where I grew up that I know first hand.

Dining table outside with an incredible view of Mount Teide.  Taken by James at Casa Salvia
View from the terrace

Casa Salvia

In summary, my experience so far as an intern at Dry Holidays has been incredibly enriching, both personally and professionally.

I have had the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice in a field that I am passionate about, while learning about addiction and helping to support people in their recovery process. I hope to continue to grow with this company and be part of its positive impact on the lives of many more people.

June 13th, 5th week of internship

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