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How to escape when you are on holiday with others

We consistently keep on getting guests looking to escape either from their group, family, friends, partners but also those not happy with the hotel they originally chose.

We welcome a great deal of people who have basically had enough of their travel companions or the accommodation they selected before arriving in Tenerife.

So here are a few tips from those that have shared their reasons:

  • choose you travel partner/group wisely. In sobriety we still need fun. For example, we had a guest in recovery that travelled with his friends & kids. She'd had enough as she couldn't maintain her daily routine & ritual

  • be honest why you want (and need) a getaway to another part of Tenerife

  • if it is an accommodation issue & you have reason to complain, take photos & keep all receipts. If you have booked a flight and accommodation together then you might have additional protection, but that depends on which country you bought the holiday

  • ulitimately, if it's best being apart for a few days, then if your relationship is worth anything the other partner must understand your reasons for space

  • if you are in recovery for alocohol addiction, then all 3 of our properties are alcohol free depending on the guests. This might reassure you / your partner there is minimal chance of relapse as our team are all in recovery too

  • avoid any drama with your travel comapanion(s)and outline when you expect to return

  • chose your accommodation wisely. Reviews are useful but are not always 100% reliable or verified

  • be confident with your selection - we had a recent guest that refused to stay, simply because CasaSalvia Icod & the surroundings (below) were not like Florida.

The particular guest clearly did no research on Northern Tenerife or studied our photos, otherwise they would have known that it's nothing like flat Florida.

So, whether you are in recovery or not and need some respite whilst you are on holiday in Tenerife, Spain or Scotland, UK then pick up WhatsApp & message me - 0034620757254

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