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Unleashing the Adventure: The Ultimate Test of Internship with Dry Holidays. Welcome, Ivan.

Updated: May 22, 2023

Our new intern at Dry Holidays has an exciting and challenging journey ahead of him. He will be working remotely, but he's only a stone's throw away from our place, since he finds himself conveniently located just two vineyards away.

It's worth noting that Ivan is not only passionate about his work but also not an addict nor in recovery. So as he settles in, Ivan's inquisitive nature will shine through as he asks me countless questions during his first two weeks.

The B&B already connects recovering addicts in person; and it helps me stay safe and sober.

The Plan

Together, we have an ambitious plan to unlock online opportunities through Dry Holidays, a thriving online travel business. Our aim is to connect recovering addicts, their families, and friends, offering them a platform to connect through travel, experiences, along with positive thoughts towards life in recovery.

Job Opportunities in the Travel Industry. Tenerife, Canary Islands.

It deeply frustrates me that an island so dependent

on tourism has such limited opportunities with innovative and forward-thinking brands. Unlike the Balearic Island of Majorca, which has achieved great success in this regard, Tenerife is lacking major travel employers. This fact is supported by statistics on LinkedIn.

Plus in my experience as a international travel headhunter for over 20 years, I have never encountered a situation where I relocated anyone to or from Tenerife. My team of global travel recruiters was specifically instructed not to consider the Canary Islands as a hunting ground for potential candidates.

With that being said, we warmly welcome you, Ivan, as a valuable addition. Together, let's make a difference and pave the way for exciting opportunities for other graduates that are also involved with the La Laguna University Fundación.

To connect with Ivan on LinkedIn, click here

Written by James. May 2023, 2 years + 11 months sober.


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