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3 Years Sober - 3 Facts You May Find Surprising - Happiness in Sobriety

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Many returning members will now know I attended live-in rehabilitation for 4 weeks back in the UK in June 2020. You can learn more about that experience here.

In the meantime, here are a few pointers by video 🏹 that I attribute to my 3 year achievement.
Specifically how I have achieved this milestone and why I didn't feel like it's a hard slog. In addition to the 3 points in the video here are a few other techniques I use

  • Renewed passion for sport (mainly golf) ⛳️

  • Relocation to Tenerife. I came for my first dry holiday and never went back to Scotland

  • A daily structure with reminders on my phone. Simple, but keeps me present

  • If you do make it to a rehabilitation facility, try avoid taking any form of e communication. I did, it gave me focus

  • Reach out to others you respect and trust when you may have a wobble | high emotions. I did when my dear dog passed away, and it helped, massively

  • Stick with the winners 🏆 It is hard to tell who will make it through rehabilitation and beyond, but definitely avoid any constant complainers, gossips or those that clearly shouldn't be there

  • I supported a relapsing alcoholic for most of 2022, it was by far the most challenging part of my recovery journey so far. However, I am grateful I now have the experience, as a friend affected by an addict

  • New career

Alcoholism | addiction can be beaten. But, you have to be 💯 that you can take on this challenge and make a mind switch that will change your life forever.

If you are struggling with addiction | alcoholism visit the ever increasing resources available on our website. Give you or a loved 1 the best chances of a successful recovery.

James x

3 years 1 month sober

@sobergaygolfer - LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

WhatsApp- 00 34 620757254

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