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Addiction | Recent LinkedIn Poll | Do the Results Surprise You??

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

I ran this survey for THREE weeks on our LinkedIn company page. A huge following and yet only 41 votes. But then a deeper delve indicates a 0.9% engagement rate (which is generally classed as an acceptable % in marketing).

Fitstly we expected, far more votes and reposts. Secondly, 68% of those that responded have some experience with alcoholism. We are unsure if that's a surprise or not, but it is encouraging that over 2/3rds of that voted have some exposure

Dig deeper. It was viewed by the following:

Interestingly there were also no comments or reactions. Something we would normally expect on a poll.

What positives can we take from these statistics? What can we do to ease the addict towards admittance | coming out as alcoholic?


@sobergaygolfer - LinkedIn, Instagram etc

3 years 3 months sober

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