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SOAR | Freshers Week | Frosh | O-week. ⚠️ - Addiction Awareness - Drugs | Alcohol - University Life

Me with University friends. All studying the same course.

Whatever you call it in your part of the world 🌎, for most, it will be the first step toward independent living. This post is aimed at a global audience who are soon to embark on probably one of the most enjoyable years of their lives, but it comes with some risks related to addiction, drug use, dealing, and alcoholism.

Back in Newcastle, UK, I began studying Environmental Management at the University of Northumbria, where I developed a dependence on alcohol in 1994. In the United Kingdom, it is called Freshers' Week. For me, it was always partying. There was always someone to join me for a drink. My first year, 1994/1995, was the most enjoyable year of my life, for many reasons.

I did try Ecstasy, Amphetamines (Speed), and LSD, but only once. I remember taking LSD, thinking the steps on the campus were far too big to climb. Campus Security had to guide me home, my girlfriend turned into a dwarf, and I urinated over my bed with her in it. Terrible.

I also recall a friend getting banged up in prison | jail for dealing Ecstasy pills in his first year. Imagine ringing home 😍. Another got to a stage where he was needing 10-15 Ecstasy pills to have a good time towards the end of our second year.

Not wishing to dampen anyone's fun, it is an incredible experience meeting new people, getting yourself in your accommodation, and forming new friendship groups.

Just remember if you do something daily for 21 days, it can then become a habit, which can then quickly progress to dependence. Faster than I thought possible. How can anyone become an alcoholic so rapidly 🤔? No one from the university would have noticed, but interestingly, when I returned for my first Christmas break back with my school pals, 2 very close friends asked me if I was an alcoholic. It took me 26 years to admit it, and I constantly had those words at the back of my head.

Wishing you all a brilliant experience 😊 if you are lucky enough to be going to university, it's incredible ❤️.



3 years, 3 months sober

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