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Alcoholic, Recovering Alcoholic or Recovered Alcoholic. What is the Difference? Alcoholism.

In order to avoid any confusion and for our global audience 🌎, we will use me as an example.

None REALLY. I describe myself as an alcoholic, in recovery from addiction. Others might describe themselves as a recovered alcoholic after rehabilitation. Many chose not to tell anyone.

I was a high functioning Alcoholic from the age of 18 - 44. 26 years minus 5 days [working in Saudi 🇸🇦 Arabia]. I drank every single day. High functioning = hard working = workaholic

I am in recovery from Alcoholism & Workaholism for the rest of my life. I was powerless over the damaging effects alcohol and work created, I have been to therapy, detox & rehabilitation for my problem. I accept alcoholism is a disease. I embrace assistance to keep me on a healthy recovery journey. To maintain happiness during my recovery journey, I do ensure it is packed with community, travel and adventure. I also am a big believer in connecting with the other winners 🏆. Be inspired by others that have achieved success and happiness

Others describe me as

James is a succesful recovered alcoholic. He doesnt drink, so dont offer him any booze 😁. He does not miss alcohol and has 3 years and 3 months under his belt 🏅. He drank every day for 26 years. He strongly believes he got hooked on booze during the first month of university in Newcastle, UK 🇬🇧. He's much better fun now he is not drinking alcohol.

Pic - Kelly (cuurently 5.5 years dry | sober and Me (currently 3 years, 3 months dry)


@dryholidays - Instagram

Written - August 2023

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