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What is Dry | Sober or Clean? What does Dry or Sober and Clean mean in Alcoholism?

Depending on your location 🌎 around the world, the term can have multiple uses.

For those of us who are alcoholics, we interpret it as no longer consuming alcohol and no longer needing the effects it provided for us individually. This can lead to being Dry, Sober, or Clean and Sober.

In my case, I'm seen as a successful alcoholic on a positive recovery journey from Alcoholism. That will always define me. Nevertheless, I've also achieved a successful state of dryness for 3 years and 3 months 😁.

I generally refer to my current state as "dry" because I prefer the term over "sober." "Dry" brings a sense of humor to mind, and considering alcohol is a liquid, it seems fitting. Plus, it ties into our ownership of dryevents●com - a project for the future 😉.

I'm well aware of how easy it is for interpretations to be misconstrued, especially given our global membership base 🌎. Add an online interpreter to the mix, and things could become chaotic.

A friend might introduce me as James, noting that I've been dry for 3 years and 3 months.

BTW. Admitting my struggle with alcohol post-recovery was much simpler than confronting the immense FEAR of embracing a new life in the first place. I consumed alcohol daily for 26 years. To me, "sober" essentially conveys the same message, with the added note that individuals dealing with drug addictions can also use the term.

In reality, addiction can latch onto anything. Apparently, it takes just 21 days to form a habit.

Don't overthink names. Or Tags. They are useful, when applied correctly.


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