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Battle of the Oranges 🍊 Ivrea, near Turin. 🇮🇹 Dry | Sober Experiences & Holiday Ideas

Now this looks pretty hard-core. I'll be going in February 2024, with Tommaso, author of the blog (he will post in Italian witha video soon) and recent guest at my BNB in Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife. Before reading his suggestion | blog on The Battle of The Oranges 🍊 - Festival of Ivrea in English, alcohol will most definitely present at the event.

Whilst I am attending, and for me a comfortable dry | sober experience. It might not be for everyone in recovery. I am a firm believer that we know our boundaries better than anyone else.

I won't ever consume alcohol. I forgot to ask Tommaso whether he does, and that's because very few people drink alcohol in Europe at his age.

That in itself is incredibly, inspiring & positive. Its also very beneficial for my recovery journey from Alcoholism


Battle of The Oranges 🍊 | Festival of Ivrea

Ivrea | Turin (30km) | Italy | February or March annually

"Ivrea is a small city surrounded by lakes and hills near Turin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the industrial architectures of Olivetti. It’s very quiet most of the year except for carnival, in the end of February, when it can become a bit overcrowded (in fact I recommend booking accommodation at least a month before carnival).

Our carnival is a week of costume parades and party where the last three days most citizens, divided in different teams, meet in the main squares of Ivrea to throw oranges to carriages.

Behind this apparently nonsense craziness you can notice strong traditions and values: the carnival symbolically represents an event occurred in Ivrea in XII century. The protagonist of the legend is the daughter of a miller who was forced to spend her first night of marriage with the evil king of the city, in accordance with the “ius primae noctis” law. That night she heroically rebels against the tyrant and cut off his head with a sword, starting a popular riot in the name of freedom.

Bruising after the battle. Tommaso!


Personally, I would be less inclined to attend the mass experiences below, at this stage of my recovery. Going with a local to the Festival will also be helpful.

Despite the fact The Battle of Oranges was established earlier, it's much less known but visitor numbers are growing steadily. So, I'm going next year before it gets too crowded, and stupidly expensive. Like, La Tomatina, Bunol 🇪🇸 and the Running of The Bulls in Pamplona, Spain 🇪🇸.

Tommaso will shortly post the blog Italian. 🇮🇹

Thank you my friend. I can't wait to visit and I hope that we can enjoy this incredible experience when it's snowing.





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