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Prince Harry Called Me Gay CU☆T 😆 | Reliving Incredible Experiences in Active Addiction | Scotland

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Despite being labelled. I wasn't offended at all.  Nor my partner.

So, as I have now started to recall my incredible experiences in active addiction, the intention is to share tips, ease you or a loved 1 into admittance, and help you avoid permanent damage or death.

At this point of my addiction (aged 39)  & meeting Prince Harry  I was very easily offended when labelled Alcoholic.  Conveniently, it didn’t suit me. I couldn’t care less being called Gay as that label did. I was an active, highly functional.alcoholic in denial. Sobriety was 4.5 years later and at this stage of my addiction I was not experiencing the horrendous symptoms that developed later.

This happened after I beat him HRH Prince 🤴Harry 3-0 in a pool match, and we had both consumed plenty of beers. I wasn't offended, and I don't believe Harry is homophobic.  It was during his best friend's stag do back in Summer 14, which took place at our friend's newly opened motel - Mhor84 in Stirlingshire, Scotland.

While playing pool and enjoying beers & banter with Harry alone, it felt just like any other game, pretty bad table, average pool players, beer runs, discussing 2 shot carry rules, pee breaks, and chalking up bad cue tips. He was interesting, so am I, my partner was cool and I am pleased he felt comfortable enough to talk like that in front of us both. My response was better, but too rude to type.

Whilst  attention-grabbing with this headline, it connects with how we humans (Royal blood or not) label each other and, in many instances for substance abuse, these can be useful; providing they are used correctly.   After all, I label myself as @SoberGayGolfer as it just fits character limitations, sums me up and it is who I am proud to be publicly on LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram. This is why I take no offence, when used correctly. I don’t want a politically correct life.  I probably should have bowed at Prince Harry before and after thrashing him at pool, but I didn’t. Had I met him at a formal event, then I would. I'm a huge royalist.

I must admit, looking back, it's embarrassing that my close friends secretly began to warn anyone I was about to meet that if I offended them, it was just me, James. Cringe. I was deservedly labelled from the age of 24 - 44. Towards the very end of my addiction, I couldn't go anywhere without causing anxiety for others; mainly my partner. 

The irony is that in my case, being labelled this way by friends and family made me at least start thinking 🤔 about the reality of stopping, for good.

So, quite simply, if you notice that your family, friends, work colleagues are labelling you with the negatives alcohol can produce in some of us humans then it is worth considering the amount and, more importantly, why you are consuming.  It is hard to admit, but make it easier for yourself by turning these labels 🏷 in to positives.

It can be done and there are people like you that will understand how you feel. Try by finding inspiration through successful and content Alcoholics | Addicts in recovery.

Here's hoping I am not hung, drawn and removed from Instagram for writing this post; and Harry approves.

If still permitted my next blog will cover a twin centre trip. Suitable Dry or Sober holidays in South Africa and Mauritius over Christmas Holidays and New Year.

Note – Harry's recent autobiography touches on him being labelled for wearing a Nazi uniform and makes a comparison to the stag do above, where he refers to the stags costume (Guy Pellie). Best man Jamie Pellie was a delight to meet, others were labelled differently 😉



Written 4 August 2023.

3 years, 2 months dry



Tip - It's not simply the amount nor the regularity you drink; it is the effect alcohol has on your mind & your feelings.


As always, please share with anyone affected by addiction. If you are not already a member of the dryholidays community, membership is complimentary and will suit those of you in recovery and your family | friends, if you have a shared passion for a positive recovery, with travel, community, and adventure at our core.

Together, we have the opportunity to be the largest closed user group in the world.


If you ever wish to chat about your relationship with alcohol, see below -

I volunteer 4, 15-minute WhatsApp slots between 7 am - 8 am (London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Lisbon, Santa Cruz de Tenerife time zone). Available to anyone on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Canarians and ex-pats are welcome to visit me in person at Casa Salvia in Tenerife. 0034620757254

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