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Artificial Intelligence | Bringing Structure to Your Recovery

AI - Artificial Intelligence is already beneficial to my recovery from Alcoholism. I write this 3 years and 3 months dry.

"Organisation | Chaos" was of particular interest to me when we touched on these subjects during classes and group rehabilitation sessions.

I knew I needed to start taking responsibility for myself on the outside. For 44 years, I relied on others to prop me up with anything domestic or boring. Literally, everything from paying bills to washing dishes. I very rarely did any of it.

Despite going through around 7 phones since 2020, I have the same reminders set at the same time I programmed into my first phone. By using those learnings from Rehabilitation, I am feeding data to Microsoft that I am an alcoholic in successful recovery and here's what I do:

5 daily reminders on Phone number 8. It is one of several tools I use, and it works.

Alarm ⏰ set at 8 am daily.

9 am Outlook Alert reminded to stretch, take vitamins & feed the pets.

9 pm Outlook Alert includes 2 prompts in quick succession. Wash the dishes. Take a moment of gratitude. 🥹

This is a very basic example of Artificial Intelligence being used to benefit my recovery, and it has the potential to benefit others if shared by Microsoft | Samsung appropriately.

I manually set them in Stirling, Scotland, and my phone already knew that I was in the same time zone when I decided not to return from my first dry holiday, and the phone [and 20+ apps] now knows I am permanently based in Tenerife.

I regularly post that I am a recovering alcoholic and happy. Based on what I openly share, it is very apparent Golf ⛳️ is my luxury and it helps me enjoy my dry life, for example. I therefore consent the use my blogs, medical info, apps I subscribe to, social media profiles, how long I use certain apps, what I watch on YouTube, time spent on my phone, photos others have posted of me, and my reviews on sites like (guests | strangers describing my personality traits) etc etc.

The data available is incredible and can be verified. The uses in the treatment for addiction and alcoholism are extensive. Yet, there is still very little out there on the www.

Data protection and privacy laws will depend on where you call home. For example, to receive treatment here in Spain, I am told by friends that I will have signed a document stating I was happy for my data to be shared for medical research. 😀 In the Netherlands, I recently reported that it is much more difficult for Cancer researchers to access medical data.

However, the Great News is that the use of AI in the wider healthcare sectors is already widespread globally 🌎 .

Hopefully, that will soon apply to Mental Health, Addiction Treatment Types, Suitable Medications, Coping Mechanisms, and Alcoholism Treatment.

I'm clearly very excited about the huge benefits that Artificial Intelligence will bring to us addicts, alcoholics, recovering alcoholics AND the family & friends we affected by our addiction.

FURTHER development, implementation, and disruption are therefore gladly welcomed by me. What are your thoughts?




Late August 2023.

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