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Celestial Wonder: The Perseids and the Perfect Terrace at Casa Salvia Guesthouse, Icod de los Vinos

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Starry sky lovers and seekers of cosmic wonders, this is for you! Every year, we are lucky enough to witness one of the most mind-blowing spectacles in the universe: the Perseids, also known as the Tears of St. Lawrence. What are they? Nothing less than brilliant meteors streaking across the night sky at full speed, blowing us away!

Clear sky night from El Teide watching Perseids
Perseid Watching From El Teide

Let's cut to the chase: these Perseids are bits of a comet called Swift-Tuttle that the Earth encounters in its path. When these bits hit our atmosphere, they ignite and create a shower of meteors that seem to come from the constellation Perseus, hence the name Perseids. Imagine the spectacle live!

The peak of this cosmic show usually happens between the 11th and 13th of August. On these nights, you can expect to see a lot of meteors per hour, even more than 100 if you are lucky!

And now, where to live this cosmic experience in Tenerife? At Casa Salvia, Icod de los Vinos! This gem of a house not only has the best location, but also a terrace that is like stargazing heaven. And best of all, you don't even have to make the trek to Mount Teide, although it's only an hour and a bit drive from Casa Salvia.

Views from Casa Salvia terrace of Teide Mountain Vulcano
Casa Salvia terrace views of El Teide

From the terrace of Casa Salvia, this weekend you'll have a panoramic view of the sky that you won't believe. Imagine being there, in the middle of the Canarian countryside, feeling the cool breeze of Tenerife while the meteors cross the sky with their fleeting brilliance, amazing!

I'm sure you know that Teide is famous for stargazing because of its altitude and perfect conditions. But the terrace of Casa Salvia is like the hidden gem that gives you a cosmic experience at your own pace and without having to go far.

So you know, the Perseids are a must on the calendar of any space lover. And if you're in Tenerife this weekend we still have 1 room available. If you can't attend at short notice, there's always next year.

Iván Luis / August 9th

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