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A perfect place of recovery in the canary paradise | sobergaygolfer

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

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Dry holidays logo | SoberGayGolfer

The first few weeks of my internship, I had the opportunity to sit down with James, the founder of Dry Holidays, an online platform with a unique focus on positivity during recovery. During our conversations, I asked him some key questions about his business idea and his inspiration for setting up in the north of Tenerife.

Given his background in the travel industry, James realised there was a need for safe spaces where recovering addicts could connect in person. And what better place than Tenerife, with its ideal climate for "Dry Holidays"? Thus came the idea for Dry Holidays, an innovative concept that connects recovering addicts from all over the world with similar interests through its online platform, or in person at the sober holiday homes in Tenerife and Scotland.

Coast of Tenerife North, his beautiful landscape and clear water
Tenerife north coast

As for the development of the website, James has big plans to turn it into a support community for those interested in understanding addiction. Before seeking help for his own addiction, he constantly wondered where he could travel on vacation.

As the owner of a large internationaltravel recruitment company, James had employees and clients in the travel industry all over the planet.

The Dry Holidays website will not only provide supplemental information for recovering addicts, but also for their families and friends affected by addiction. James understands the importance of providing a space where people can understand and support each other on their road to recovery.

The northwest of Tenerife plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation process for both alcoholism and other addictions. James stresses that culturally there is no stigma associated with not drinking alcohol in this region. Since moving to Icod and becoming a resident in December 2020, he has never witnessed a single person in a drunken state.

This calm and respectful atmosphere is beneficial for those seeking recovery as well as the serenity and tranquillity of a paradise destination like Tenerife North, as it provides them with a temptation-free environment and allows them to focus on their wellbeing.

Streets of Garachico, ancient history and culture
Garachico Streets

At Dry Holidays, both solo and accompanied guests will always be surrounded by a person or people that understand recovery. While they may be at different stages of their sobriety journey the reassurance of knowing they are not alone is something guests greatly appreciate.

The Northwest has the chance of becoming known as a recovery destination, offering people the opportunity to enjoy an alcohol and substance-free vacation while providing a supportive environment for connection and mutual understanding. With his innovative vision and focus on the needs of those in recovery, James has created a unique place at Casa Salvia Icod, that can change lives and open new horizons on the road to healing.

Iván Luis 7th week of internship

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