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Tenerife GG: The Awakening of Gaming in Canary Islands

In recent years, the world of video games has experienced rapid growth globally.

This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed in Tenerife, where a real gaming revolution has taken place with the creation of Tenerife GG.

Logo of TGG Tenerife GG gaming com
TGG logo

Tenerife GG is an event has established itself as one of the main video game fairs and esports competitions in Spain. It attracts thousands of visitors and participants from all over the country and has become a benchmark in the sector.

The event takes place at the Tenerife Fairgrounds (Recinto Ferial de Tenerife), a spacious and modern space that has the necessary facilities to accommodate attendees and exhibit the latest news from the gaming world. For several days, video game fans have the opportunity to enjoy exhibitions, a manga show, conferences, competitions, workshops, costume contests and much more.

One of the highlights of the Tenerife GG are the esports competitions. Professional and amateur teams face off in different popular games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite and Overwatch, among others. In addition, the fair has an exhibition area where the latest hardware, software and accessories for video games are presented. The main brands in the sector take advantage of this event to show their most innovative products and establish direct contact with fans.

Recinto Ferial Tenerife during TGG with and event opening momemt
Recinto Ferial Tenerife during TGG

Another important aspect of Tenerife GG is its economic and tourist impact. The event attracts thousands of visitors every year, which generates an increase in the demand for tourist services, such as accommodation, transportation and restaurants. In addition, the fair is also an opportunity for local companies, which can make their products and services known to a wide and diverse audience. As is the case of the Hiperdino supermarket chain, which sets up a small supermarket within the premises.

Tenerife GG has revolutionized the gaming world in the Canary Islands, becoming a meeting point for the gamer community locally and nationally. This event has established itself as one of the most important fairs in the sector in Spain, attracting players, fans, and companies related to video games. It offers an unbeatable experience for all video game lovers, providing the opportunity to experience their passion up close, share experiences with other enthusiasts, and enjoy a unique and festive atmosphere through a combination of competitions, exhibitions, and educational activities.

From my personal experience, I have never been in contact with alcoholism, rehabilitation of alcoholism and other related, apart from knowing James. And this event is not directly related to alcohol, it is true that having a small supermarket inside the venue, some people, especially at night, choose to drink a few beers, also due to the excessive heat of this week in July where it is celebrated. the aforementioned TGG, but there are no large alcoholic beverage stalls as if it were a music festival, thus encouraging more people to consume. Rather, a very quiet environment is created at night where young people meet, spend the night playing both on the PC and with board games and sharing hours and hours together, nothing similar to a cloudy environment mainly caused by alcohol.


Do not stay at home and go to Tenerife GG. One of the best events of this summer, ideal for a sober experience, from July 11 to 16!

Dates for next year are not available yet but will be on

July 13th


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