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A Weekend in Galicia: Express Travel, Discoveries and an Unforgettable Event #ResurrectionFest

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Sometimes a weekend can be an opportunity to live unique experiences and discover fascinating places and people. As a travel lover like James and in search of new adventures, I decided to embark on an express trip to Galicia. During these three days, I had the opportunity to explore different places and to culminate my trip with an unforgettable experience at Resurrection Fest, a famous heavy metal festival.

In this blog, I will share my impressions and reflections on this incredible experience from the point of view of someone who, although experienced and passionate about travel, has nothing in terms of addiction.

My first stop in Galicia was Santiago de Compostela, a city rich in history and charm. I wandered its cobbled streets and marvelled at the majesty of its cathedral. I continued my journey to the coast, where I discovered breathtaking seascapes. From the cliffs of the Costa da Morte to the white sandy beaches of the Rías Baixas, every corner of Galicia was a picture postcard. In addition, I had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends from previous experiences from years ago, who shared unforgettable trips and experiences with me back in 2019.

Vista de la catedral de Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela cathedral

My trip culminated at Resurrection Fest, a music festival that brings together heavy metal lovers from all over the world. Although alcoholic beverages and other drugs were present at the event, I was pleasantly surprised by the responsible and respectful attitude of the attendees. Unlike other festivals or party venues, I did not witness any fights or disputes. Instead, I found an atmosphere of camaraderie and passion for music

Escenario del Resurrection Fest, 2023
Resurrection Fest, Viveiro

During the concerts, I was carried away by the overwhelming energy of the metal bands and the dedication of the fans. It was a unique experience to see how music brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together in one place. The excitement and community spirit present at Resurrection Fest left a very positive impression on me that I have rarely experienced, and the fact that I enjoyed the event sober makes me remember it forever in a very lucid and non-confusing way.

My weekend in Galicia was much more than just an express trip. I immersed myself in a fascinating culture, explored breathtaking landscapes, reconnected with new friends, created new memories and experienced the excitement of a unique music festival.

I learned that prejudices and stereotypes can distort our perception of experiences.

Motorcycle and in the background the lighthouse of Punta Frouxeira
Punta Frouxeira's lighthouse

Galicia taught me the importance of opening one's mind and letting oneself be carried away by experiences without prejudices. Every place and every event has its own essence and surprises reserved for those willing to discover them. Venturing into the unknown can result in unforgettable encounters and transformative experiences. Without a doubt, my express trip to Galicia and my participation in Resurrection Fest will remain engraved in my memory as a valuable lesson about the diversity of the human experience, the importance of getting out of the routine through travel and adding experiences.

GIF de dryHOLIDAYS, transforming recovery through adventure and community

July 5th.

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