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The Hachitos Tradition: Celebrating San Juan's Day in Tenerife

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

San Juan's Day, today June 24, is a very special festivity on the island of Tenerife, where it is celebrated with a unique and charming tradition: the hachitos. This festivity combines bonfires, music, dances and a magical atmosphere on the island's beaches.

Canarian female sitting male standing wearing traditional Canarian outfits Performers at street festivals and fiestas celebrating San Juan 23 June 2023
Guests | Casa Salvia Icod | Performers

The tradition of the hachitos has its roots in the ancient pagan celebrations that paid homage to the summer solstice. With the arrival of Christianity, the holiday merged with the celebration of Saint John the Baptist, who was born on June 24. Since then, every year in Tenerife, this date is commemorated with joy and enthusiasm, the beginning of summer.

One of the most outstanding places in the Northwest of Tenerife to enjoy this celebration is San Marcos beach, located just 10 minutes from Casa Salvia Icod, it has become a reference place to enjoy the celebration of the hachitos, this beautiful corner offers a festive and welcoming atmosphere for those who wish to participate in the tradition.

the beach of san marcos on the day of the night of san juan during the traditional festival of los hachitos
San Macos' beach

The ritual of the hachitos involves the construction of small bonfires made with dry branches and wood. These bonfires, known as hachitos, are lit at sunset, illuminating the beach and creating a magical atmosphere. Locals and visitors alike gather around the bonfires to sing, dance and enjoy the company of friends and family.

San Marcos beach comes alive during this festivity. People dress in traditional costumes and are encouraged to participate in Canarian folk dances, to the rhythm of the typical music of the island. There are also firework displays that light up the night sky, adding a touch of splendor to the celebration.

In addition to the bonfires and the music, the hachitos also have a special symbolism. It is believed that jumping over the embers of the bonfires will purify and renew energy for the coming year. It is common to see people take small leaps over the flames, a gesture full of hope and renewal.

young people jumping the bonfires of san juan at midnight
Tradition of San Juan

The hachitos tradition in Tenerife during San Juan Day is a unique and exciting event that attracts locals and tourists alike. San Marcos beach is the perfect place to immerse yourself in this festivity full of joy and magic. Discover Casa Salvia Icod so you don't miss out on festivities and experiences like this one.

Enjoying the bonfires, the music, the dances, and the festive atmosphere is an unforgettable experience that allows you to connect with the rich culture and traditions of Tenerife.

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Jun 25, 2023

Is that fire jumping or walking?

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