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Artificial Intelligence & Selecting the Rehabilitation Type | Location | Rehabilitation - Alcoholism

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

In my previous post I talked about the limited use of AI in the treatment for addiction or alcoholism. Data | Privacy and reliable scientific data is required.

If like me you plan to attend a private rehabilitation centre to treat alcoholism. Currently, you can google, you might be recommended a treatment centre by an agency, read google reviews [written as soon as guests leave rehab], press articles.

Not very informed, I chose mine as it was new, recommended by the referring agent, not AA - 12 step based and close to my parents home in Cheshire, UK so I knew the area.

Whilst it was a success for me and I celebrate 3 years 3 months sobriety would my peers be willing, or able to give feedback (I sadly know of at least 1 death)?

The KEY things we could potentially unlock include-

Any medication

What major changes did we each make to our lives after rehab

Who was a main influence in the whole rehabilitation operation

How much time did you give to thoroughly intensive aftercare

Did you take your mobile | tablet in to rehabilitation

How did you feel when you were allowed to the shop, after completing 2 weeks rehab

How exhausted did you feel on entry

Did you request to extend your stay

How supportive were your family & friends after you returned home

Did you address all your addictions in Rehabilitation

Do you remain in contact with your peers in Rehabilitation

Who was your lead therapist

Your Psychiatrist’s

The list is endless. But if we can have higher success rates then that can only be beneficial for anyone affected by addiction. The treatment centres turning away clients, by not accepting anyone who isn't on the same mission as their website states.

Treatment centers | Rehabs | Rehabilitation Centres, whatever they are called in your part of the World 🌎 proudly publishing their success rates. A little like global University league tables for rehabilitation centres around the globe.

I reliably believe I might be only 1 of 2-4 in my 4 week group that haven't relapsed or fallen back to Active Addiction. That's an estimated success rate of 10-15% who have successfully recovered over 3 years.

Might sound low but it is considerably higher than some of the stats out there.

I am excited about it. Just need 1000's of guinea pigs like me. If you'd like to volunteer please send a quick email to

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