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My First Dry | Sober Holiday Done Safely in November 2020, Tenerife. I'M STILL HERE

"Thinking of taking steps towards your first Dry or Sober Holiday in Recovery?

Dry Holidays assist members, not only with external supplier suggestions and exclusive discounts. We already operate 2 award-winning B&Bs in Scotland and Tenerife.

My first holiday after 4 weeks of live-in detox and rehabilitation, plus 5 months of sobriety and hard work on my inner self in Scotland was to a sober retreat in Tenerife, back in November 2020. Most of the guests attended the same rehab 5 months earlier so that made it easier as I still felt a little fragile and was on strong medication.

Surprisingly, I haven't yet been back to Scotland and even more surprisingly, I was the only one to bring my partner, to the sober retreat. Unsurprisingly to me, most attending wanted to talk with him and understand the effects that my addiction had on himself and my wider family. In my experience, this was something that was not covered sufficiently in the rehabilitation centre I attended (Family Impact - more detailed future proof planning - Including Travel, Adventure, Community).

That's when we both started to think about how we could use our skills to have a complete life change, both in our own unique recovery, while leveraging our travel industry experience and the sheer number of countries we had both visited and lived in.

Not just for recovering addicts but also the family & friends we have affected through this disease.

In 2020 no one was setting the standard for us [recovering alcoholics] nor the family | friends we also affected, when it came to real travel and adventure. Yes, we have the sober retreats, some, like the 1 we attended specifically aimed at alcoholics but what we believe is that for a safe independent or group holiday, the location, the host having thorough knowledge of the area and both truly understanding the affect alcoholism has on everyone involved. Especially on your first holiday sober.

2 easily converted homes were in perfect destinations for those in recovery from addiction to be safe, relaxed and to visit places & enjoy experiences both now know intimitaly. Boastful, we also make the perfect hosts and have many personal recommendations for many safe travel destinations, experiences and holidays in sobriety globally.

I operate the B&B in Tenerife 🌴 like any other and I am proudly rated 9.6/10 for service.

The B&B, this website, my blogs are all used to provide structure to my self personalised recovery from alcoholism. I also see it is a continuation to my holiday, albeit mainly now a working one, but at least 90% less stressful than my previous life as a highly functional alcoholic and workaholic. At Casa Salvia BNB Icod guests can be in recovery or not. I have been in recovery for 3 years and 3 months after finally acknowledging alcoholism following 26 years of drinking as a high-functioning alcoholic (aged 18-44).

Not only do I have the experience of being an alcoholic, but I also thoroughly enjoy my tailored recovery and dry life in general. I did support a chronic and relapsing alcoholic throughout most of 2022, and it was tough, so I can relate to the damage that can be inflicted on loved ones by our disease | illness.

NOW, I also enjoy supporting holidaymakers in their own recovery from addiction. The location is ideal, for safety, without all the noise, but also perfectly situated to explore the northwest of Tenerife, outlined below 👇 from Puerto de la Cruz to Los Gigantes.

All the essential ingredients for your first sober | dry holiday, tailored to your budget, tastes and needs in year-round sunshine.

Start the conversation with me NOW on WhatsApp, DM, or email me at 😉 and we can start planning your next adventure with myself and local intern from the University de la Laguna, Ivan Luis.


WhatsApp - 00 34 620757254

3 years, 3 months dry

@sobergaygolfer ⛳️

Tip - It's not just about the frequency you drink; it's the effect of alcohol when you consume

As always, please share with anyone affected by addiction. If you're not already a member of the dryholidays community, membership is complimentary and is suitable for those of you in recovery and your family | friends, if you share a passion for a positive recovery, with travel, community, and adventure.

"Collectively, we have the opportunity to become the largest closed user group in the world."

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