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Tremors | Panic Attacks | Withdrawal Symptoms | Alcoholism Awareness

In order to reach the widest possible audience and for the robots to translate. We will use myself as an example

After detoxification, I was grateful the scary tremors | panic attacks had disappeared. I had hot sensations throughout my body but they were nothing in comparison. Minor tremors are now very occasional and are best described as a short sharp shudder.

The tremors | panic attacks I experienced towards the end of my Active Addiction, I describe as like having a heart attack, or witnessing my female friend in her Menopausal stage having major hot flushes.

The occassional minor tremors are not only easy to control, I now know what they are, they will end and they don't last long enough to panic. I now use them to my advantage. Just enough to remind me of how the minor tremors turned to major tremors and panic attacks when I wasn't sufficiently topped up with alcohol. Scary



3 years 3 months dry

A founding member of Dry Holidays

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