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What are The Chances of Giving up | Stopping ✋️ Alcohol through a Rehab | Rehabilitation Centre

From my Rehab rotating group | my circle | my updates. I estimate between 10 - 15% have achieved a dry life. In real terms that'saround 3 of my group have remained alive, had no relapses and are as happy as I.

Pic - South Africa. Tony (partner | Family Affected by Addiction), and me (in active addiction for 20+ years)

That number is HIGH. When you compare it to what stats you might be tempted to trust or rely on [as a comparison]. But, never let stats put you off Rehab. If you want to be a Happy Dry Person, you can help make that number rise. Take on board my advice, by following the blog, or becoming another founding member of the dryholidays community by clicking here.

As no longer have faith in many of the statistics available, it is simply best using me as a live example. I know I'm a rarity in many ways.

Timing | Finances | Time After Rehabilitation | Incredble Partner | my Ability to Achieve what I have, is all remarkable.

A great deal was stacked in my favour. I made it that way, so did my partner but some was fate & luck

Unfortunately, yet understandably data is very private. When leaving rehabilitation, I don't recall being asked if i would like to take part in any research project, yet I do recall suggesting 1. I would have happily taken part. It could have also made the perfect structure to the Rehabs aftercare program.

ANYWAY. Not one of us knows how we handle life after detox and rehabilitation, til we do it.

I blog about how I am 1 of the more successful Alcoholics, enjoying my life in recovery. I blog in a simple structure so the 🤖 can get to work on simple translations. Having lived & travelled half of the 🌎 , I take localisation and translation seriously.

James x

@SoberGayGolfer - Instagram

August 2023

3 years 3 months Dry

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