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What is A Recovery Journey? Alcoholics Use The Word. When can I Start Recovery from Alcoholism

A Recovery journey has, or can have many meanings and uses. Also where ever you call home globally 🌎 will matter.

In relation to alcohol it means starting your journey and commitment to a new life without alcohol being part of it.

Best using me as as an example. I started my commitment to a Dry Life, the moment I made the call to book in to a rehabilitation centre. The moment I took my last alcoholic drink was the morning I started my 'recovery journey'

Another person may introduce me as:

James then went on to use the tools provided by his rehab. He's been in recovery for 3 years and 3 months.

He's openly an alcoholic, in recovery for over 3 years. Incredible 😃

I blog about my recovery journey. I created content that I know others will find useful.

Your recovery journey should be as planned and full to the brim with activity. Mine was, and still is. I wawal

ucky to have a supportive partner, the window of opportunity, finances and the time to recover from my alcoholism, workaholism, and sheer exhaustion.

Keep an eye on my social posts. I am SoberGayGolfer. If you search the handle whatever social media channels allowed in your part of the 🌎 should display. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify & YouTube

James x

3 years 3 months sober


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