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What is the Meaning Of Family Affected by Addiction. Friends | Relations | Work Colleagues

Once again, so the can easily translate, and it can have the most global meaning, we will use me as an example.

My alcohol addiction directly and then indirectly affected people in ALL the categories above.

My experience in this area can be best described by friends as:

"In addition to James being an active addict aged 18-44, he is Dry and in Recovery for Alcoholism for 3 years and 3 months. So, please don't buy him any gift that contains alcohol. He was also majorly shaken by the effects of supporting a relapsing addict throughout last year (2022). He describes that as by far the toughest year of his life."

If, like me, your alcoholic family or friend gets through:

1. Admittance

2. Detox + Rehab

3. After-work Care

I detail the damage I caused in many of my Blogs. The Victim of this disease was myself, but it had a profound effect on my partner (family + work) before and after rehabilitation. This is not always possible.

I accept the estimates that Active Alcoholics directly affect, on average, 5 people. I had 1 main carer (partner), and throughout my recovery journey, I also cared for an Active Alcoholic during 2022.

I am uniquely positioned as I have experience in all 3 areas. Supporting an Active Addict was MUCH harder than being one, and of course, my recovery journey.

Some of these special individuals deserve a medal of honour 儭 , with my ex-partner included.

If an alcoholic directly effects 5 people, that's a huge number of humans Worldwide that are also affected by Addiction


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