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How Can I help Family? They have admitted they are an Alcoholic. Options Available?

Congratulations on your loved 1 taking a significant step, and thank you for your valuable contributions so far.

Depending on your location, I recommend researching whether Alcoholics Anonymous is available in your country. Although I am no longer a member, it played a key role in my aftercare in Scotland, extending for 4-5 months after a 4-week live-in rehab. In some countries, it may be present but operate discreetly. The same applies to seeking professional advice—be sure to trust the medical professional you choose to visit, in order to determine the available local assistance.

Similar consideration should be given to your loved one's family and friends. Decide wisely who you can confide in, as avoiding exaggeration of the situation is crucial.

My GP in Scotland lacked knowledge and experience with addiction, despite the World Health Organization recognising it as a disease. Given Scotland's complex relationship with Alcohol & Drugs, their devolved government isn't spending enough, and for that matter governments globally tend to prioritise this less, leading to limited funding and knowledge sharing.

This means your choices will likely rely on your personal funds.

This website is an emerging resource for those new to addiction, offering beneficial content for reference.

We strongly advise undergoing a Medically Supervised Detoxification for Alcoholism. Abruptly stopping is highly dangerous and can lead to seizures for you or your loved one.



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