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Recovering Alcoholic | Declining Alcoholic drinks at any Event & Devise Escape Plan from the Event

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

If you are not openly an alcoholic in recovery then here are five great excuses.

  • I'm teetotal | I do not drink alcohol

  • I am allergic to alcohol

  • I'm driving after the event. I never drink anything when I drive

  • I am on a detox. That includes Alcohol and any Sugary drink

  • Do you have any alcohol free alternatives

For globalisation and translation purpose lets use a big birthday celebration. You are invited. Alcohol will most definitely be present. How will you cope being around drunk people, the host asking what and then why you want that alcohol free drink. It's like an interview. The better prepared you are then the more confident to attend the event, and enjoy it without alcohol.

Remember the Event - Be present and interested in Others - Every other guest is interesting if you ask the Right Questions

Escaping is the easy part. If you wait long enough the other guests won't remember they were talking with you 5 minutes earlier.

To conclude, I recommend you create a solid set of excuses and strategies for staying alcohol-free at events. Remembering your reasons and staying confident will always help you navigate social situations where alcohol is present. Focusing on being present, asking questions, and engaging with others will definitely make the experience enjoyable.

Enjoy 😉 your event and do share any funny stories



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