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What is a Medically Supervised Detoxification | Alcoholism

Most critical to get correct. Using my recovery journey for Translation | Globalisation purposes

Depending on your location 🌎, available medications will vary due to legal restrictions.

I underwent detoxification in a 4-week UK privately funded 🇬🇧 rehab stay. Not everyone in my group needed it. Some were binge drinkers, astonishingly going weeks or months without, then 💥. I could only start Detoxification immediately as the wine from consumed from my Outlander goblet had already left my system. And, we are all breathalysed on entry and before Medically Supervised Detoxification can start.

My family, who are affected by my addiction might explain it to friends as

"James remembers taking the medication & was supervised (!), drifting in and out of sleep for 2-3 nights. He was clearly also exhausted as he was working too hard. He said, after feeling a bit groggy, they were incredible[the medical team] at his rehab in Cheshire. He had a bit of a Wobble when he entered, so was glad the Detoxification happened pretty much immediately".

Note It is incredibly dangerous to just stop drinking alcohol immediately. Without it being an excuse to carry on with your Actions, try and cut down intake safely and or visit the best medical advice you can get 😉.

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