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What is A Recovery Partner. What is a Sponsor. What's the Difference? In relation to Alcoholism.

A Recovery Partner may be described as someone else in recovery addiction. Probably, but not always someone with a good stint, or length of sobriety | living their best possible lives in excess of 3 years. Normally paid. The partner will support you through any periods of time you require support or accompanying to an event, on holiday, or through a difficult period.

For instance

James is a recovery partner to a 25 year old female, from Switzerland. They have Weekly Zoom calls. He charges for this service. He also accompanies holiday makers that are at a stage of their recovery where his presence reassures others that everything will be OK, whilst exploring.

A Sponsor is a term used by Alcoholics Anonymous. As I personally no longer use their book, nor attend meetings I ask you to search for the Alcoholics Anonymous website, in the country you call home 🌎

Using myself as an example. When I left rehabilitation I was straight into Recovery. I needed that additional 4/5 months at home, in Scotland before my first dry holiday.

Someone might describe my relationship with AA | Alcoholics Anonymous.

"It was an essential tool / time filler. Zoom meetings anywhere in the World at anytime🌎. Covid restrictions were in force so he never made it to a F2F meeting. He did have a Sponsor but only took it as far as step 6. He felt other avenues were better suited to his individual needs. "

A Sponsor must be of the sex, can not charge for their services and take you through every step, from 1 - 12. I think if I was in AA still, I would take it as a huge honour to be asked to sponsor. The Sponsor can also benefit by sponsoring a newbie. They need to be better read on the book used in AA. It therefore keeps the principles fresh in the mind.

There isn't really much difference in the role itself. Both keep you on track with whichever methods you have selected for yourself. 1 obviously has a cost and the other doesn't. With both, you will feel naturally inspired by their actions and should feel easy asking them to help.

I am a recovery partner. If you require personal assistance, then I'd be happy to chat.

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